The Whale

Hanne Strager is Director of Exhibitions at The Whale, a new museum in the small town Andenes situated 300 km north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. The spectacular building is designed by Danish architect Dorte Mandrup and planned to open i 2025. Just outside Andenes the continental shelf drops off steeply. A deep-sea canyon extends almost all the way to the coast creating a favourable environment for all kind of sea creatures. The area is extraordinarily rich in marine life and many species of whales can be seen in the waters outside Andenes.

Hanne Strager’s scientific work revolves around the behavior, communication, and movements of killerwhales. She has published scientific papers on the underwater acoustic behaviour and dialects of killer whales and on the movements of killer whales in Norway. Currently she is studying the historic persecution of killer whales in Iceland. She also leads or participates in expeditions documenting the life in the oceans with filmmakers and photographers.


In the world of museums and exhibition centers Hanne Strager has curated and produced a number of largeexhibitions.