Four good books with knowledge and depth.


The Killer Whale Journals. Published by Jons Hopkins University Press. 2023

When intrepid biology student Hanne Strager volunteered to be the cook on a small research vessel in Norway’s Lofoten Islands, the trip inspired a decades – long journey into the lives of killer whales — and an exploration of people’s complex relationships with the biggest predators on earth. The Killer Whale Journals chronicles the now internationally renowned science writer’s fascinating adventures around the world, documenting Strager’s personal experiences with orcas in the wild. Killer wh ales’ incredible intelligence, long life spans, and strong family bonds lead many people to see them as kindred spirits in the sea. But not everyone feels this way — like wolves, orcas have been both beloved and vilified throughout human history. In this abs orbing odyssey, Strager traces the complicated relationship between humans and killer whales, while delving into their behavior, biology, and ecology. She brings us along in her travels to the most remote corners of the world, battling the stormy Arctic se as of northern Norway with fellow biologists intent on decoding whale – song, interviewing First Nations conservationists in Vancouver, observing Inuit hunters in Greenland, and witnessing the dismantling of black market “whale jails” in the Russian wilderne ss of Kamchatka. Through these captivating stories, Strager introduces us to a diverse cast of characters from Inuit elders to Australian Aboriginal whalers and guides us through the world’s wild waters, from fjords above the Arctic circle in Norway to the poaching – infested waters off Kamchatka. Featuring astonishing photographs from famed nature photographer and conservationist Paul Nicklen, The Killer Whale Journals reveals rare and intimate moments of connection with these fierce, brilliant predators.


Et beskedent geni (AModestGenius). Published by Gyldendal, 2016 (in Danish).

Part biography, part popular science, A Modest Genius provides a lively, engaging account of Darw in’s life and the events that inspired his groundbreaking theory. Science writer and biologist Hanne Strager brings Darwin to life while offering the essential elements of evolution and how they affect us today. Much has been written on Darwin’s life, his groundbreaking work, and the influence he has had on modern scientific thought and advancements, but most books assume a certain level of scientific knowledge. A Modest Genius changes that, offering an accessible, easy – to – understand discussion of Darwin’s work. Readers follow Darwin from his early years through his travels. Hanne Strager explains how Darwin assembled the pieces of a fascinating puzzle while also describing the fundamental principles of evolution. Darwin’s theory, by necessity, was incomplet e when he proposed it. He lacked modern knowledge of the fossil record, DNA, and genetics. Strager explains how advances in these and other scientific areas expanded on Darwin’s original work. She also discusses the ongoing conflict between religion and ev olution, including the famous Scopes Monkey Trial and the battle Darwin himself fought between faith and intellect. Bold, exciting, and easily understood, A Modest Genius offers an opportunity to understand one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of t he modern age.


Skyggezone ( Shadow zone ). Published by Gyldendal, 2022 (in Danish).

The untold story of the woman who discovered the Earth’s inner core By Hanne Strager Shadow Zone is the first biography of Inge Lehmann, the eminent scientist who discovered Earth’s inner core in 1936. Her life spanned more than a century; she was born in 1888 and died almost 105 years old in 1993. The biography is thoroughly researched and based on Inge Lehmann’s professional correspondence which are kept at the National Archive of Denmark and her private letters discovered recently in a cardboard box in the attic of a distant relative. In ge Lehmann was the first woman seismologist in the world. The biography tells the story of a woman’s battle with prejudice and ignorance at her all – men workplace in Denmark. In contrast she was met with kindness from her international colleagues, who recog nized her as an outstanding scientist. For almost 20 years she worked at the Lamont Geological Observatory, part of Columbia University in New York. Inge Lehmann never married and didn’t have children and the biography is also the story of the author’s que st to find the writer of a mysterious love letter written in English in 1935.


Udzungwa . Published by The N atural History Museum of Denmark, 2015.

Tales of Discovery in an East African Rainforest is a beautiful and lavishly illustrated book containing 23 personal stories about Africa’s hidden rainforests – the Udzungwa Mountains and the other Eastern Arc Mountains in East Africa, a lush area teeming with extraordinary wildlife, in a mountain range surrounded by vast, dry sav annah. From ancient bird species to newly discovered primates and other mammals, the Udzungwa Mountains are among the most important rainforests in Africa. UDZUNGWA will immerse you in a lush and etraordinary landscape, surround you with amazing creatures and put the Udzungwa Mountains on the global conservation map. The book is written by 23 different writers. Hanne Strager was director of editing and production.

Dr. Jane Goodall
DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace
” The Killer Whale Journals provides a fascinating insight into the world of the killer whale, or orca, and our relationship with them. Strager's scientific investigations combined with her love for these magnificent predators will inspire many to help efforts to protect them from the many threats facing them throughout their range. ”
Catherine DeNardo
Killer whale biologist, writer, and editor
”The Killer Whale Journals is a page - turner and a passionate account of our troubled and extraordinary relationship with killer whales. These magnificent predators are still feared, persecuted, hunted and targeted with suspicion and hate. But they are also at the heart of incredible collaborative relationships with people. Strager is a gifted storyteller. Whether she's drawing on ancient lore, sharing her experience of a whale steak dinner on a whaling ship or investigating what motivates a small fishing community to save a group of stranded killer whales, she teases out the broader story about our relationship with animals.``
Tracie Merrill
Education Curator, The Whale Museum
``A great read. Learning about the different perspectives on killer whales was eye-opening for me. Strager not only educates readers about killer whales in general, but also shows how human perspectives on killer whales change over time. Nature lovers and whale lovers will want to read this book.”
Bernd Heinrich
Author of Winter World, Mind of the Raven, Why We Run, and The Homing Instinct
”Hanne Strager is a strong new voice in nature and science writing. Her book is brimming with the kind of personal anecdotes, scientific discoveries, and thrilling adventures that make an entertaining and compelling read. It is an important book too. Killer whales trigger the same mixed emotions that we know from wolves and other large predators. She tackles the controversial issue of how we relate to animals when they collide with human interests with insight, passion and wit. A truly wonderful book.”